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I am a certified personal trainer through NESTA (the National Exercise Sports Training Association). I have been a fitness enthusiast for most of my life. I began training when I was in middle school and through trial and error, have learned a lot about the various styles of fitness and what their benefits are throughout my life.

I personally train in a manner that is catered towards aesthetic bodybuilding. That by no means indicates that's the only style of training that I know. I have a love for helping people and I get a great inner satisfaction from seeing my clients start at day one and progress into their new bodies and minds. I do not train people just to make them look better aesthetically, perform better at a higher level at their sport of choice, or to lose the fat around their waist. It is my goal to help my clients initiate a new lifestyle, one that is fuled by healthy choices thaat will help them change their lives in a sustainable, personalized manner. 

I always tell my clients being healthy is not just going to the gym and eating right. It takes the right mindset and perception. My programs lead my clients on a path that will eventualy lead to full body and mind transformations. It is that fact that fuels me to keep going and to keep training people day in and day out. It is what keeps me committed and it is what keeps me motivated.